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Marilyn Sunderlin’s Amazing Gourds

Marilyn Sunderlin, an artist in Utah, takes dried gourds and turns them into colorful sculptures: I carve the gourds with a high-speed carving/engraving tool that is powered by compressed air, which I purchased from Profitable Hobbies for the fine detail carving. I purchased the Optima II Plus carving tool from Treeline (The Woodcarvers Specialist), for larger [...]

The Machete Wrench

Fighting zombies? Fixing your alternator? You’ll need a tool for both jobs. Enter the Mechanic’s Machete, a tool designed specifically for post-apocalyptic scenarios. Its maker, Instructables member EV Builder, is also working on a solar-powered electric vehicle that will be ideal after the collapse of civilization. Link

Adam Savage’s Toolbox

Adam Savage of Mythbusters prizes efficiency. Over his years as a special effects artist, he built and rebuilt his toolboxes until they made every tool he needed immediately accessible: I wanted to make an impression at my new job, so I spent an entire weekend remaking the bags out of aluminum. My supervisor suggested scissor lifts [...]

Matching Drinks to What You’re Listening To

Drinkify is a new online tool that matches cocktails to what you happen to be currently listening to. Some of the selections seem a little random, but given that “The Iggy Pop” happens to be 12 oz of moonshine, it seems there is at least some kind of method to their choices. Link

Personalized Zippo Lighters from the Vietnam War

The indomitable Zippo lighter was an essential tool for American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Many soldiers engraved messages, patterns and symbols into theirs. You can view a gallery of examples at the link. Content warning: foul language. Link -via Nag on the Lake | Photo: Cowan’s Auctions

The Doctor in Lightsaber Training

The Doctor normally eschews weapons, but sometimes you need a tool that works on wood. DeviantART user Drombyb has a gallery of impressive Doctor Who fan art, including this crossover idea that we must hide from George Lucas by any means necessary. Link -via Nerd Approved

7 Neat Tools For Your Favorite Geeks

This Christmas, give your favorite geeks the gifts and stocking stuffers they’ve always wanted: tools! Here are some of the neatest tools that we have on the NeatoShop: The Credit Card Survival Tool ($3.95) has [...]

Hand Tool Pen

Hand Tool Pen – $3.95 Back to school is just around the corner. Have you equipped yourself with all the proper tools? No? Well, you need to head on over to the NeatoShop and get yourself some Hand Tool Pens! Don’t delay this project! Essential back to school planning is the key to having a constructive [...]

Fish photographed using tools for first time

The first ever pictures of a fish using a tool have been taken at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Proffessional diver Scott Gardner was diving at the …

Piratize Yourself

These days, it seems there’s a tool to alter photos into just about every character type you can imagine, but if you can’t get enough of these…or if you just love Captain Jack Sparrow, don’t miss out on Disney’s Pirate Yourself app on FaceBook. That’s mine up there. Link