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Andy Griffith Sings the Lyrics to The Andy Griffith Show Theme Song

Well, I’ll be. Before producers of The Andy Griffith Show decided that whistling set the tone for the show, Sheriff Taylor himself recorded a version of the song with lyrics. That’s not him whistling, by the way – that was composer Earle H. Hagen. Here’s Andy singing “The Fishing Hole.” Rest in Peace, Andy.

Alligator Guitar

Rhinehart of Athens, Ohio sculpts and paints beautifully eccentric but fully functional guitars. Many are shaped like fish, the rear ends of horses, birds and dragons. This alligator is a lap steel guitar: Modeled on the Fender 8-string Stringmaster and Deluxe steels featuring 2 pickups with volume, tone, and blend for dialing in the perfect tone [...]

LEGO Angry Birds

LEGO always brings a lighter tone to gory, violent video games. This display was made by Tony Sava for the LUG Showcase display at a mall in Texas. Link -Thanks, Christopher Jobson!

A Short History of a Short Tone: The Dial Tone

Did you ever pick up the phone in another country and miss our North American dial tone? When I spent three years abroad, I never got used to the various tones I heard in my ear, both the dial tones and the ringing tones. It seems like a small thing, but when I finally moved [...]