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Giant Claw Rips Oil Rigs, Krakens out of the Sea

I want one. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but step 1 is to get this heavy lift ship, the VB 10,000 — also known as “the Claw.” The ship is capable of lifting 7,500 ton oil rigs off the seafloor. Here’s how it works: Each gantry measures 240-feet tall and weighs 3,400 tons—or [...]

Can You Get Rich Betting on the Weather?

Did you know that you can invest in the weather? Yes, that’s right. The weather. You can take a financial gamble that the temperature in Sacramento will be one degree warmer than average, or even bet that it will be five degrees cooler. Too dull for your portfolio? How about putting some money down on the [...]

Bagger 288: The World’s Biggest Machine

Photo: Snorky [wikipedia] In the coal stripmine Hambach in Germany, there was a machine so big that it boggles the mind.the Bagger 288: This is the 45,000 ton Bagger 288 digger built by Krupps in Germany, and it is the largest land based machine built by humans on the face of the planet. It’s not fast, moving at [...]

Wald (Forest): Maze of Paperwork by Daniel Hafner

Daniel Hafner used about half a ton of 5-ft tall white cardboard to create this art installation called Wald (Forest), which looks kind of like a maze of paperwork one has to navigate in dealing with modern bureaucracy. Link

Japanese fish trawler sunk by giant jellyfish

A 10-ton fishing boat capsized off the coast of Japan after the crew attempted to haul a net filled with giant jellyfish on board. The area has be…


A 50,000 ton water Cherenkov detector, via