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The Earliest LOLCats and Other 19th-Century Animal Photography

LOLcats and other funny animal pics weren’t born with the Internet; they’ve been around since the end of the 19th century. Here are some of the early photographs that inspired them. Harry Whittier Frees is one of the best-known novelty photographers of the 1900s. He dressed animals in clothing and then posed them in humorous scenes. While [...]

When We Decide What to Call the Afternoon Links, We’ll Put That Up Here

The 1940s Produced the Greatest Generation – Of Squirrel Outfitters – the World Has Ever Seen This gallery depicting Mrs. Mark Bullis and her snazzzily-dressed squirrel, Tommy Tucker, is pretty awesome. * E-Books Are Cool and All, But Can You Make a Super Cool Safe out of Them? The answer is no, you can not. And everyone needs one [...]