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Woody’s Winners, NFL Week 2

NFL WEEK TWO: For those who missed last week’s column, Woody’s Winners is written with highest respect in the style of the most entertaining football prognosticator of my youth, Leonard Postero, host of Leonard’s Losers. I went a respectable 8-5 through last Sunday afternoon’s games, but then fell apart to lose all three night games on [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Great Things That Originally Got Bad Reviews

Works that we consider classics – or at the very least valuable contributions to society – haven’t always been seen as such. Sometimes it takes a little time and perspective for us to understand the true value of something. Here are a few examples of things that really tanked whey they were first released, but [...]

The Quick 10: Fantasy Football Picks, Stacy-Style

So we’re drafting for mental_floss Fantasy Football tonight (physical_floss). I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m taking suggestions via Twitter and thoroughly researching each one. My husband is delighted that this might be the year I finally get into and understand football. However, if I were playing it the way I pick horses – whose [...]