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The Temple: a Bar that was Once a Toilet

A below-ground public toilet built in the Victorian era in Manchester, England, could have been abandoned or filled in, as so many others have been. But this one found new life in modern times as a bar! It first opened as “The Temple of Convenience,” harking back to its original purpose. Now called simply The [...]

Beautiful Carved Wooden Toilet Seat Cover

Steven’s design is ingenious. The problem with paper toilet seat covers is that they’re too flimsy to stay in place and keep you clean. But his design, made of solid wood, won’t fall apart. Any why is it so elaborately decorated? So that when you carry it around in public–and you will, of course–no one will [...]

Zombie Toilet Seat Cling

Zombie Toilet Seat Cling – $5.95 Halloween is coming! Are you planning an outrageous Halloween bash? Make sure your potty is a hit with the Zombie Toilet Cling from the NeatoShop. This great decal makes it looks like a zombie is crawling out of your toilet.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]

The Toilet Water Dish

The Toilet Water Dish – $24.95 Are you on the hunt for the perfect water dish for your pampered pooch? You need the Toilet Water Dish from the NeatoShop. This hilarious dog water bowl is made of ceramic and uses a regular 2-liter soda bottle (not included). It makes the the perfect gift for your favorite [...]

How Your Grandpa Got His LOLs

Those of a certain age will recall “gag boxes,” which are little jokes hidden inside a small box. You gave (or just showed) them to people like a greeting card. Irving Fishlove, founder of H. Fishlove and Co. novelties, popularized the little boxes in the 1920s and ’30s. Collector’s Weekly talks to novelty collectors Mardi [...]

The Wealthy Roma

Photo: Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky There are two million Roma (or "gypsies" as you may know them, though that term is considered derogatory by the Romani people) in Romania, [...]

Toilet Paper Ads

Captive audience and a territory not flushed with competitors are the dreams of advertisers. So when Jordan and Bryan Silverman came up with the idea of printing ads on toilet papers, they "rolled" with [...]

The Dark Knight Returns…To The Bathroom!

This custom Batman toilet paper holder was made by a tongue-in-cheeky sort of fellow named conrick, and it’s all sorts of wrong! Hasn’t old Batsy been put through enough trials and tribulations lately, now he’s gotta stand around looking embarrassed while you do your business?! This thing is so wacky, if a friend had one in their [...]

Yours Alone

Heh! I’ve just noticed the name of butt condom, …er, the toilet seat covers that we have here at the NeatoPlex. “Yours Alone.” I can think of only one better name: 002 – For Your Butt Only. Top that, Neatoramanauts! Together we can get to the bottom of the quest for the perfect name for toilet [...]

Toilet Plunger Monster

Jason Freeny of Moist Production hand sculpted this clever evolution of the toilet plunger. I mean, if you only knew the toxic stuff a toilet plunger is exposed to in the course of doing [...]