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Real Life Brawndo Fountain, As Seen In Idiocracy

Brawndo, the thirst mutilator energy drink enjoyed by the citizens of the future in the hilarious Mike Judge movie Idiocracy, is now a delicious reality thanks to geek visionaries Dave Dalton and Craig Berscheidt of Hammerspace. Just make sure the switch is set to Brawndo, or you may get a face full of toilet water! It’s [...]

The Toilet Kool Koozie

The Toilet Kool Koozie – $9.95 Are you looking for a polite way to tell someone you do not approve of their choice of canned beverage? You need the Toilet Kool Koozie from the NeatoShop. ┬áThis reusable and easy to clean drink holder makes it perfectly clear that you think their beverage tastes like toilet water [...]