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Could There Be a Treasure in Your Toilet?

The float in your toilet tank that measures the water level is probably made of rubber or plastic. An old one might be metal. But even earlier, tank floats were made of blown glass. And glass being what it is, these floats are kind of rare now. Collector’s Weekly tells us all about glass toilet [...]

The Unknown Rebel Part 2: Photo Smuggling

Yesterday we told the story of the Unknown Rebel (what little we know of it, anyway), but we may have never known of his heroic deed if the photographers who managed to document it hadn’t been fast on their feet. Four photographers were watching the incident as it happened. Charlie Cole was on assignment for Newsweek [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Television Firsts

Today marks the anniversary of the day Lucy Ricardo gave birth to Little Ricky on national T.V. This may not be a big deal these days, but in 1953, the word “pregnant” wasn’t even supposed to be uttered on the airwaves for fear of offending someone. Of course, as the saying goes, there’s a first [...]

10 Humiliating Reasons People Have Been Arrested

Being arrested is bad enough without having some embarrassing details publicized as well. Someday, when your grandchildren ask you if you’ve ever been in the newspaper, on TV, or published on the ‘net, you’ll be glad you aren’t these people! It will be the second offense for Portland’s Gary Moody who was caught hiding inside the [...]