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Toilet Plunger Monster

Jason Freeny of Moist Production hand sculpted this clever evolution of the toilet plunger. I mean, if you only knew the toxic stuff a toilet plunger is exposed to in the course of doing [...]

$121 Toilet Plunger Set

You have the latest in toilet technology, so what’s that regular ol’ toilet plunger doing in your bathroom? Designer Josh Owen of Kontextur to the rescue! Behold, the $121 plunger set, made from silicone [...]

Heart Plunging Machine

After one man went into cardiac arrest and his family successfully performed CPR on him with a toilet plunger, Advanced Circulator Systems developed the ResQPump. It’s a machine that regulates chest compressions and airflow during the resuscitation process: According to a study published in The Lancet this winter, the ResQPump, which is used for chest compressions, [...]

World of Warcraft Bathroom

World of Warcraft player Ragnaorc modified the bathroom in his home to reflect a Horde ambiance. It’s quite detailed, including lighting fixtures with bones and a toilet plunger holder shaped a skull. Link via DVICE