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Fungus-Infected Toenail Cookies

Why do these bloody toes taste so good? Because they’re actually cookies! Natasha Collins made these cookies as well as severed ear cakepops. Good news, couples: she also does wedding cakes! Link -via Laughing Squid | Artist’s Website

Kittens born with 18 extra toes between them

Ned and Fred might seem like two normal kittens, that is until you try counting how many toes they have. The kittens were handed in to the Gosport Tow…

Toes Toothbrush Holder

Toes Toothbrush Holder – $2.95 Is your bathroom counter a mess. Get yourself organized with the Toes Toothbrush Holder from the NeatoShop.  These five little piggies will help you keep your toothbrush within reach. The Toes Toothbrush Holder is also great for holding pens or pencils. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fabulous Bath Accessories. Link

A Day in the Life of a Goomba

You’re just walking along with one of your friends, enjoying the lovely day and the grass between your non-existent toes – then a plumber comes out of nowhere and… the terror! The terror! You can probably guess what happens next. Link

6-Fingered Cat Gives You a Thumbs Up

Jimmy the cat has polydactyly — extra fingers on his paws. His hoomins have trained him to give a thumbs-up gesture when asked. Video Link via Geekologie | Previously: Cardi-Cat has 26 Toes!