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11 Geeky Couples Portraits We Love

We’ve featured geeky wedding photos and geeky family photos before. Here’s more geek love! 1. Come to the Dark Side (We Have Kisses) Red and Jonny are the most famous stormtrooper cosplayers around and this great vacation picture featuring the two kissing through their helmets is probably the most romantic (non-wedding photo) the two have taken as [...]

The Most Famous Mutts Ever

Mutts sometimes get a bad rap because they are less predictable and lack the supposedly superior genetics of purebreds, but scientists have performed multiple studies showing that mixed breed dogs are actually much healthier and often live longer than their purebred counterparts. While there is no definitive answer as to which is better because everyone’s [...]

Facts About Every Student From the 30th Story of Wayside School

Louis Sachar’s Sideways Stories From Wayside School series is still a favorite of elementary-age kids, 34 years after the first book hit the shelves. Each of the three books features 30 chapters — one for each floor of the Wayside School building — and each chapter (usually) features one student. Here are a few facts [...]

Barbie’s Abandoned Family Members

There’s Francie, Jazzy, Stacie, Kelly, Krissy, Tutti, and Todd, who all disappeared under mysterious circumstances (or possibly just poor sales). Now that Barbie is running for president, these missing relatives may prove to be skeletons in her closet. Link

I Remember Ed Wood

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Great Big Bathroom Reader. Ask any film buff to name the worst directors of all-time, and you can be sure Ed Wood’s name will come up. He’s become a legend for films like Plan 9 From Outer Space -a movie so bad it needs to be seen just [...]

Wildest Secession Movements in The United States

With the unrest happening in Egypt and other countries in the region many people are asking if a revolution could ever happen in the US of A. Some Americans, however, have been planning such a movement for years to rebel against what they consider the injustices of the US government. During the Civil War the [...]

Spell Check Tattoo

Todd from Cleveland, Ohio submitted this picture of his latest tattoo to Geeky Tattoos. The only thing that could improve it is a cursor hovering over a right-click menu. Link

Creating IRL Fantasies with Improv Everywhere

I’ve posted about Improv Everywhere before, but they were featured on last week’s episode of This American Life (a rebroadcast from 2005) and I thought IE founder Charlie Todd had some really interesting things to say about what his group does and why they do it. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Improv Everywhere [...]

We Want Your Best (and most embarrassing) Halloween Costume Photos!

Is it just me, or was Halloween way more fun when you were a kid? You could trick-or-treat to your heart’s desire (on HALLOWEEN, not the night before – pet peeve of mine) while wearing a sweet, mom-made costume (or that plastic mask from the store that you had to have or you would die) [...]

Men Are More Likely Than Women to Be Hit by Lightning

Natalie Avon writes in Popular Science that between 1995 and 2008, 82% of people in the US killed by lightning were male. The experts that she consulted agreed that this was due to behavioral, rather than biological factors: Peter Todd, a behavioral psychologist at Indiana University, suspects the difference between the sexes boils down to the [...]