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Drunk French Toast

To start out the day in either the best or the worst possible way, Nick of Dude Foods devised “Drunk French Toast.” The bread is beer bread, the milk is RumChata (rum and dairy cream) and the apples are boiled in whiskey. How’d they taste? Nick writes: The French toast slices on their own were awesome, [...]

The NES Toaster

This NES-turned toaster is a pretty sweet accessory for every geek kitchen. My only question: do you have to blow on the toast a few times before popping them in to get it to work? Link

Clothes Iron Burns a Religious Icon on Shirts

Seeing religious icons on your toast is pretty nifty, but even though our brain is wired for pareidolia, catching the sight of the Virgin Guadalupe on bread is still a very iffy thing. But not [...]

Happy New Year 2012!

(YouTube link) A little something to play while you kiss your sweetie, celebrate with friends, and drink a toast to the year ahead. Those of you who aren’t in the U.S. Eastern time zone, you can play this video at whatever time you find appropriate. May the new year be your best yet! -via Buzzfeed

A Toast to The Beatles

We’ve featured a lot of burnt toast art here on Neatorama, and more than a few posts about The Beatles–but now the twain shall meet, in mixed media artist Henry Hargreaves’ series, Toasted, large-scale portraits made entirely of bread. See the rest of the fearsome foursome in all their crunchy, buttery glory on Flavorwire. Link

5 Questions: Toast & Jam

To accompany yesterday’s Bread & Butter challenge, today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: Toast & Jam

The Late Movies: Buttered Cats

This week, we bought you The Buttered Cat Paradox, with a promise of some illustrated experiments on Friday. Here are just a few of the folks on YouTube who explored, explained, or experimented with attaching buttered toast to a cat. As far as I can tell, no cats were harmed in the making of these [...]

The Buttered Cat Paradox

Some things we all know are true appear to contradict each other, and even though we are aware of the facts, we cannot always know what will happen when these concepts come together. One such concept is that of the buttered cat. In most cases of scientific conundrums, experiments are used to find the answer. [...]

Liquid Ass, Inflatable Toast, and Other Strange Items Available Now on

You can buy just about everything on these days: books, toys, gardening tools, $40,000 personal isolation chambers. Anything! In fact, the variety of buying options on Amazon is so great — and so strange — that I’m fairly certain some of its listings are fake, planted by prank-happy internet trolls, the descriptions to many [...]

World’s Largest Toast Portrait

I’m sure many people have wished that their mother-in-law was toast. Laura Hadland turned a photo of her mother-in-law, Sandra Whitfield, into the world’s largest toast mosaic – comprising 9,852 slices. The toast mosaic – 128 square metres of browned and scorched bread – was officially named the world’s largest at 5pm on October 17 at [...]