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The Little Mermaid’s Brother

Since 1913, Edvard Eriksen’s statute of the titular character from the tale “The Little Mermaid” has watched over the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark. To mark her upcoming hundredth birthday, artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset made this male version. Thanks to machinery inside, the stainless steel merman blinks every half hour. Link -via My Modern Met [...]

Captain Al Cohol

In 1973, the government of the Northwest Territories, Canada, commissioned a comic book to address alcoholism in the indigenous population. The result was a series featuring “Captain Al Cohol”, an alien who crashed onto Earth. The Captain has a drinking problem. You can read the entire first issue at the link. I’m not sure if alcohol [...]

The Prisoner Glass

There’s a scene in episode 15 of The Prisoner in which the titular character drinks a glass of beer, only to discover a terrible message inscribed on the bottom: you have just been poisoned. Sean Michael Ragan decided to make one of his own, right down to the correct typeface. What a brilliant birthday or [...]