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Microscopic Origami

Shoji Takeuchi of the University of Tokyo, Japan, and colleagues, have taken the art of origami to new heights. Or technically, new smalls: the team managed to create microscopic origami folds using tissue cultures: The [...]

The Secret of Ozersk

In the early 1950s, Russian scientists were worried about a nuclear attack by the United States and wanted to know how radiation damaged tissue and caused cancer, so they decided to do an experiment. A massive one: The town of Ozersk, deep [...]

Photo of a Bee Sting in Progress

No, bees have not developed 2-inch long stingers. That’s abdominal tissue trailing behind the bee as it leaves the scene of the crime. Kathy Keatley Garvey of the University of California at Davis snapped this amazing one-in-a-million shot. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Transparent Skin Developed By Japanese Researchers

If you want to show the world what you’re REALLY made of, guts and all, then your wait is almost over. Thanks to Japanese researchers from RIKEN, biological tissue can be turned transparent via chemical reagent, so you can look like a superhero without the need to have powers or a cool alien back story. [...]

Garden Gnome Tissue Holder

Garden Gnome Tissue Holder – $24.95 Seasonal allergies got you down? You need the Garden Gnome Tissue Holder from the NeatoShop. Nothing perks you up like a cute, little, bearded, guy in a pointy hat bearing tissues. Now wipe your nose and get out there and spruce up that yard! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop [...]

"Skin Printer" Generates Skin to Cover Injuries

Researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are developing a printer that they hope can create skin to help injured soldiers immediately after they’re hurt: The system, which lays down cells with the same fluid-based inkjet technology used in many printers, could print large swathes of living tissue directly onto the injuries of soldiers [...]

Medical Researchers Working on Regrowing Breast Tissue after Mastectomy

Scientists at the Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery in Melbourne, Australia, are developing an implantable device that they hope will regenerate lost breast tissue. In The Daily Telegraph, Bonnie Malkin writes: During the world-first trial surgeons will implant a chamber containing a sample of the woman’s fat tissue into the chest, which will act a “scaffolding” [...]

Scientists Construct The Frankenweenie

Scientists from Wake Forest University in North Carolina aroused the world’s interest by successfully performing the world’s first replacement of erectile tissue of the penis. And yes, it’s somewhat fitting that they chose the rabbit to perform the Frankenweenie experiment: In a previous study, the researchers engineered short segments of rabbit erectile tissue with 50% of [...]

“Bloody Brain Shooters”

Apparently the key to creating “brain tissue” is to mix acidic lime juice with the vodka. Then when you add the Bailey’s Irish Cream via a straw, it curdles into cortical gyri. A splash of grenadine provides the blood. The ingredient list and instructions are at Folkinz. Via Found Here. You will need a couple of [...]