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How to Make Tortilla Bowls

Here’s a great tip from The Garden Pantry. To make a tortilla bowl, just flip a muffin pan over, grease it, then bake tortillas in the open spaces. By the way: homemade flour tortillas fresh off the griddle are freakin’ amazing. Link -via Paul Overton

Tip Toland’s Hyper Realistic Ceramic Sculptures

The subjects in Tip Toland’s sculptures can best be described as ManChildren- men who clearly haven’t outgrown their adolescence and appear to be on a journey of self discovery. They’re unnervingly realistic in detail and form, and Tip has captured these familiar human expressions and feelings so perfectly that they appear ready to spring to life [...]

Star Wars AT-AT Walker For Geeky Seniors

If you’re having trouble getting around on your own these days, why not take a tip from Star Wars and get this sweet AT-AT styled walker? It will make you the geekiest resident at the senior center, and a big hit with the Leias at bingo night. Cool hydraulic sound effects not included. Link –via Geek Tyrant

Robotic Luggage Handler

If you’re like me you hate having to give a tip to the Bellboy for carrying your bags. Well now you won’t have to if you stay at New York City’s new futuristic Yotel Hotel. Yobot, a direct descendant of the robots working in automobile-assembly plants, deftly grabs, lifts and stores baskets containing luggage, much to [...]

If Your Drink is Warm, Add Some Ice

Yesterday, I posted a neat little tip to get rid of the smell from kitchen sponge by microwaving it, and Neatoramanaut Frau decided to share something equally amazing, and told us to blog about her amazing discovery. So here it is, just as she wrote it. Oh, and by the way, we do carry a lot [...]

Students Arrested for Not Paying Tip

College students Leslie Pope and John Wagner and four of their friends went to the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The bill came to $73, which they paid, but they refused to pay the mandatory $16.35 tip, because they said the service was lousy. So they were arrested. They had to find their own napkins and [...]

Top 10 Clever Fixes for Your Broken Stuff

Lifehacker collected ten handy household repair secrets from around the web that may come in handy when you least expect them. For example, a tip for getting your dying hard drive to survive long enough to make the backup you should have made long ago. If it looks like mechanical failure is the cause, and you [...]

Live Turkeys Stuffed with Cocaine

Officials acting on a tip searched a bus in Tarapoto, Peru for cocaine. They had been alerted that the cocaine was in a crate of turkeys, but they didn’t see any. However, the two live turkeys appeared bloated. Police chief Otero Gonzalez said the turkeys had been surgically implanted. “Lifting up the feathers of the [...]