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Ticklish Meerkat

(YouTube link) Her name is Betty, but she really reminds me of Timon from The Lion King, the way she laughs while being tickled! -via Tastefully Offensive

The Ryugyong Hotel Gets a Makeover

It’s been years since we checked in on the Ryugyong Hotel, the monolithic concrete building in Pyongyang, North Korea, that was never completed. After work was abandoned in 1992, officials even denied its existence! But in 2008, the 105-floor structure got a second chance from the Orascom Group of Egypt. A new glass facade gives [...]

Hakuna Matata

Zinzi is a young lioness that was rejected by her mother. Bob is a meerkat who lives at Predator World Zoo and Game Farm near Sun City, South Africa. The two are best friends and even sleep together, echoing the friendship between the characters Simba and Timon in the Disney movie The Lion King. They [...]

Ten Pigs We Love

Pop culture is full of cute, smart, and talented pigs that we love. Sure, you adore bacon, but this list is going whole hog! One thing you won’t find here is swine flu, because we don’t love that. 10. Pink Floyd’s Flying Pig How about swine flew? First appearing on the cover of Pink Floyd’s 1977 album [...]