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An Offical Timeline For The Legend Of Zelda Games

If you’ve ever wondered how the events that take place in all of the Legend of Zelda video games fit together in the history of Hyrule, you need to check out this official timeline. Part of a new Zelda art book entitled Hyrule Historia, this timeline proves that there is a cohesive plot unfolding in the [...]

16th Century Memento Mori Rosary

From the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, here’s a 16th century memento mori rosary carved out of ivory featuring man on one side and skeleton on the other: Link [...]

Stone tools suggest earlier Africa exit

A cache of stone tools is calling in to question the timeline during which early humans left Africa. Discovered along the east coast of the Arabian Pe…

Hand-drawn Timeline of Inception by Christopher Nolan

The nifty hand-drawn graph above is Christopher Nolan’s graph detailing the timeline of Inception. If you don’t understand it, you’re in good company – but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the movie. Link – via Boing Boing