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Boy turned 12 on 12/12/12 at 12:12pm

The chances of being born on such a remarkable synchronicity of time and date are incredibly slim. Kiam Moriya was seven weeks premature when he was b…

Back to the Future Tattoo

Marty McFly would have had an easier time if had had a plan for flux capacitor tattooed on this arm. Kevin Vanderhoof of Tampa, Florida inked Doc Brown’s original sketch on a fan. Link | Artist’s Website

Adventure Time Seatbelt Belt

Adventure Time Seatbelt Belt – $23.95 Attention Adventure Time fans! Are you planning another high flying adventure. Make sure you pants are securely fastened for the trip with the Adventure Time Seatbelt Belt from the NeatoShop. This fantastic accessory is made from tough nylon webbing and has an authentic seatlbelt clasp as a belt buckle. Be sure [...]

Beautiful Buildings Made from Ice and Snow

They don’t last long, but they are works of art for a short time in winter. Flavorwire has a roundup of homes, hotels, igloos, castles, and art buildings made from ice and snow. Such structures are found in Romania, Russia, Sweden, China, Canada, and the U.S. Even in New Mexico! Shown here is The Celestial [...]

I Am Bitterly, Bitterly Disappointed

Nick Crews (pictured left, Photo: SWNS) has become a cult hero and a viral sensation- particularly in Great Britain. Why? Because of a leaked email he sent to his kids explaining just how (brutally) disappointed he is with them. It starts with "Dear All Three" and goes pretty downhill from there. With last evening’s crop of [...]

Adventure Time Jake Bow Tie

Adventure Time Jake Bow Tie – $6.95 Are the adventurous type when it comes to your choice of fashion accessories? Just in time for holiday parties, photos, and New Year’s Eve we present to you the fabulous Adventure Time Jake Bow Tie from the NeatoShop. This amazing adult-sized bow tie features Jake, Finn’s loyal companion and [...]

New Employment Perk: Unlimited Paid Vacation

Only 1% of employers in the US offer this perk, but the number is growing. In some firms, employees can take as much paid time off as they feel they need: By showing that they trust their workers, these employers say, they are cultivating a culture of even deeper trust. Though the practice is still experimental, [...]

Dad Pulls The Long Troll

Take your time – read the sign. I feel bad for this little girl, her dad is a Reddit troll. Somehow I think this will end up as a traumatic event for this girl, she will never want to sign another contract again. Marriage? Forget about it! She has already made one 17 year commitment [...]

Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed Man Walk Again

Four years ago, Mike Loura was struck by a car while riding his bike and became paralyzed. Today, he walked again for the first time thanks to a robotic exoskeleton: "Ever since the accident all [...]

Top Chef Season 10 Kick Off

There is a time, every few months, that is filled with magic. A time of incredible excitement, of jolly, and of mesmerizing personality. My friends, Top Chef is back! Season 10 starts off with just as much promise as any past season. The judges are back (even young Uni-Monster Hugh Acheson), the location is set [...]