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The London We All Wish For

Admit it, if you’ve never been to London, you secretly wish it was just like this picture. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed when I went and saw that it was filled with a bunch of fashion snobs and that there no wizards, time travelers or flying nannies. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Benjamin Franklin’s 220 Expressions for “Drunk”

(Video Link) Have you ever been offered a lot to drink and afterward found yourself contending with Pharaoh? If you know what I mean. No, you don’t? Well, that was one of Benjamin Franklin’s 220 euphemisms for being drunk. He published a list of them in 1737. Here’s Keith Habersberger of the comedy team I Made America [...]

If All Time Travel Films Had Doc Brown

Doc Brown from the Back to The Future trilogy has got to be one of the all time most memorable time travelers. He and Marty McFly usually save the day, but what if Doc had been the protagonist in other time travel movies? Great Scott!   With Added Doc Brown: The Doc appears in place of Michael [...]

Time Travel Propaganda Posters

826LA is a non-profit organization in southern California that teaches kids how to engage in creative writing. It’s known for innovative workshops and clever marketing. We previously featured their time travel store on Neatorama. 826LA has applied that same theme to traditional propaganda posters, producing ten, including the above poster warning time travelers about the [...]