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Movie Monster High School Yearbook

Movie Monster high school has one massive claim to fame- nobody has been bullied on campus in over fifty years! And even though Ghostface and Leatherface are mere humans, their ghastly disguises keep them under the monster radar, and their bloodlust is seen as admirable by the student body. DeviantARTist thegreck heads up the yearbook committee to [...]

Cat on Keyboard

First of congratulations to Matt for getting a cat, he probably needs it after that terrible terrible week of depressing comics from Cyanide and Happiness. I wonder what would happen if I brought my dog with me to work.. que Scrubs-esque day dream. I probably wouldn’t get a whole lot done, end up playing let-go-of-that [...]

Stargate Wedding Ring

Hopefully a marriage joined with this ring will last more than 38 minutes. The Seattle-based company Wedding Band Designs says that the inner ring spins like a real stargate. This is just a design concept, so I hope that it does spin, or else we’ll be stuck here for a long, long time. Link -via When [...]

TripAdvisor Review of Mars

HAL 9000 posted this TripAdvisor review of the planet Mars by a user named Curiosity. I don’t think he’s having a good time. Link-Thanks, Marilyn Terrell!

“Godverdikke! Ken a kapmes in me kop!”

Long, long ago–almost before humans had devised writing–there was a tradition among the people of Usenet of translating the phrase “My God, there’s an axe in my head!” into different languages. The title of this post is just that in the Ostend dialect of Flemish. At the link, you can find one of the oldest and [...]

This Could Be Fun

If your dinner parties have become a bit dull, maybe the problem isn’t the conversation, but the table. With the Swing Table, things are sure to pick up and if they don’t, you can always throw a tantrum that sends the plates flying. Either way, it’s a guaranteed good time! Link Via Geekologie

Man Drove 111 mph To Have Sex

When police stopped Zachary P. Ramirez, 21, for speeding, he’s got a rather unique reason: File this under "Excuses Traffic Cops Don’t Hear Every Day." A Chicago-area man who allegedly was clocked driving 111 mph through [...]

The Fastest Man on All Fours

(Video Link) The Patas monkey can reach 34 MPH, making it the fastest primate in the world. Inspired by its example, Kenichi Ito of Tokyo has trained himself for over eight years to run on his hands and feet. He can clear 100 meters in under 20 seconds. What’s your best time? Link -via Oddity Central

And Introducing…

(vimeo link) The first film appearance of some of your favorite stars. You probably didn’t notice them at the time, because they, um, weren’t movie stars at the time. Link -via The Daily What

First World Dog Problems

The first world problems meme might be a bit old right now, but first world dog problems is all new and seriously funny. Personally, I love the “I have to pee, but it’s raining outside,” as that’s what my dog does all the time. Link