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Caterpillar Stuck in an Infinite Loop

(YouTube link) It appears that someone set up a camera to get a time-lapse of the tree growing, but a caterpillar stole the show! He almost got the right idea once, but then got back on his usual path. -via Arbroath

Christmas Shopping in a Hurry

(vimeo link) Ben Lean recorded these scenes in Toronto December 16-18 and presents the shopping frenzy in time-lapse for your enjoyment. Aren’t you glad you’re through with Christmas shopping? What -you aren’t? Ha! -via Nag on the Lake

New York City Marathon

(YouTube link) It’s a river of people! Over 40,000 runners participated in the New York City Marathon last weekend. Thanks to time-lapse videography, you can watch most of them get started. -via Buzzfeed


Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. Best to view this HD time lapse in full screen. Filmmaker Philip Bloom shot this in Dubai over five days and nights, capturing the luminous grandeur of the city; music is “Xibalba” from The Fountain by Clint Mansell. Philip’s blog is a great resource for HD-DSLR aficionados.

China’s 60th Anniversary Parade

(vimeo link) The People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1st, 1949. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, a three-hour parade was held in Beijing. This video by Dan Chung shows the highlights in both time-lapse and slow motion. -via reddit

COMBO, Animated Graffiti by Blu and David Ellis

Remember Muto, the “animated” or time-lapse graffiti by Blu that took the InterWeb by storm? Well, here’s the sequel: a collaboration by Blu and David Ellis called COMBO (with music by Roberto Lange) It was produced by Studio Cromie and released at the Fame Festival 2009 Link