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Mashed Potato Snowmen

River of Make It Vegan sculpted adorable mashed potato snowmen on top of meatless meatloaf. The scarves are steamed green beans, the buttons and eyes are peppercorns, the arms are parsley and the noses are little carrots. You can see a time-lapse video of their assembly at the link. Link -via Tasteologie

Hobbit Hole Recreated with 2,600 Balloons

(Video Link) In 3 days and by using 2,600 balloons, Jeremy Telford, AKA the Balloon Guy, recreated Bag End in his den. It’s a balloon house, and that means comfort. Watch this time-lapse video of its creation. Official Website -via GeekDad

Nyan Cat Blanket

Craftster irisx crocheted 637 granny squares to create this Nyan Cat blanket! The project took nine weeks. The finished product is something special. There’s also a time-lapse video showing how the squares were assembled. Link-Thanks, Lisa!

The Creepiest Spider Videos You’ll Ever See

If you’re even slightly arachnophobic, stop reading right now. Wait, you’re still reading this? Okay, fine, let’s chat. In this 90-second time lapse video, we’re treated to (okay, thoroughly disgusted by) a tarantula molting. Yes, spiders molt as they grow — because they have exoskeletons, they must occasionally shed their worn-out [...]

Cross Stitch of All 151 Original Pokémon

(Video Link)  It took Eponases 8 months of painstaking work, but she crafted a marvel. Watch this time-lapse video of the creation of her amazing cross stitch. You can also see pictures of the completed work at the link. Link -via Geekosystem

Flowers Bursting into Bloom

Need a little tranquility? In this two-and-a-half minute time lapse video, we see a whole bunch of flowers blooming. We get to see daffodils, daisies, daylilies, amaryllis, iris, and even a dandelion. Creator Vladimir Vorobyov says: “Hopefully, it will cause only positive emotions.” He succeeds. Enjoy. The Beauty of Flowers [...]

Time Lapse Video Of Super Mario 3D Art Being Created

(YouTube Link) Artist Chris Carlson is the focus of this time lapse video, which shows him hard at work creating some amazing Super Mario 3d chalk art. Watch as his hands fly around, dropping lines on the ground like a surveyor, and marvel at the wonder of Mario themed art being created right before your eyes while [...]

Time-Lapse Video of the Coding of Space Invaders

(Video Link) It’s an oddly mystifying video to watch, much like a time-lapse video of the creation of a painting. YouTube user irrationalistic wrote a version of Space Invaders for a programming class. There’s something beautiful about the way it takes form before your eyes. -Thanks, Say Uncle!

Flashing UFO filmed over UK

The unusual object was picked up on a time-lapse video of the night sky by UK Skywatch. Unlike the stars in the background the object draws immediate …

Time-Lapse View from Space

(vimeo link) Michael König edited a sequence of photographs taken from the International Space Station (ISS) between August and October into a time-lapse video of an orbit over the earth. The altitude is approximately 350 kilometers. The music is “Do Dekor” by Jan Jelinek. -Thanks özi!