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Tortoise Eating a Salad

(YouTube link) A Sulcata tortoise enjoys a salad, which probably took hours in real time. With time-lapse photography and a dramatic soundtrack, he’s an unstoppable eating machine. -via Geekosystem

The Late Movies: Starfish

Starfish are also called sea stars these days, as they are not fish. Of course, they aren’t stars, either. But they sure perform nicely for a camera! Here are some of the things that starfish can do. Turning Over This starfish took over six minutes to right itself, but thanks to time-lapse photography, we get to see [...]

Magnetic Bubbles

(Video Link) Kim Pimmel placed a magnet in the middle of a pile of soap bubbles and then placed ferrofluid along the outer edge. Watch magnetic forces pull the ferrofluid through the bubbles! It’s amazing demonstration of the use of macro lenses and time-lapse photography. -via Colossal

On Parabolas and Moments

Yesterday I linked to a Radiolab video about symmetry. The group who made that video (Everynone) have other great stuff out there, so I thought I’d share two more videos with you today. Parabolas (etc.) “How could this inanimate thing know about parabolas?” -Steve Strogatz, speaking on Radiolab about a toy pendulum. This brief, meditative video shows [...]

How Sea Stars Move

The Ark in Space has the weirdest video clip of sea stars you’ll see today. Ever wonder how they move? It’s suprisingly creepy (pun intended) This is a great piece of time lapse photography, showing a sea star (or star fish as we call them in the UK) slowly crawling across Mora Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. It [...]

Grapes Into Raisins

(YouTube link) Watch grapes turn into raisins in only 30 seconds, through the magic of time-lapse photography. This video follows a bunch of grapes over three months. You can make raisins yourself, in a week or so, but you should separate the raisins to maximize the drying surface and put them in a warm place, like [...]

Mind-Blowing Time Lapse Video

Timelapse Montage from Mike Flores on Vimeo. Have you ever had a dream where clouds or planets suddenly start moving rapidly through the sky? This absolutely astonishing time-lapse montage by Mike Flores will make that dreamscape seem like a reality. The piece evokes something familiar with the haunting and the strange. Fitting, too, that the music [...]

Venus Flytrap Shows Off "Two Hair Trip" Mechanism

Ever wondered what a fly’s worst nightmare might be? No, nor have I, but I bet it looks something like Venus flytraps catching their dinner.   Despite their name, and the fact that they look like something from another planet, wild Venus fly traps (Dionaea muscipula) are actually only found in the wetlands that lie within a [...]

Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars

If you thought three-foot carnivorous worms and flesh-eating stars only occurred in science fiction, then welcome to the weird and wacky world of McMurdoe Sound. Despite near freezing temperatures, there is plenty of life in the shallow waters of Antarctica as nemertean worms and five-legged sea stars prowl along the seabed in search of food. One [...]