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Space Invader Under The Sea

Remember those really cool statues placed under the sea by artist Jason DeCaires Taylor that we posted a while back? (LINK) Well, they appear to have been visited by an otherworldly force of pixel art known as Space Invader! The crafty tile artist has added his signature to the menagerie of humanoid statues, with Jason’s permission of [...]

Parallel Lines Optical Illusion

YouTube link. Apparently similar in principle to the “tile illusion.” This one would make a nice tabletop conversation piece if it were commercially available. Via Unique Daily.

Tetris Tiles

If you recall the Tetris Shower and wanted one of your own, you’re going to love this. A tile supplier in England makes ceramic tiles in Tetris shapes! Pick up to seven colors for the six shapes and design your own video game bathroom or kitchen. For faster installation, they also offer sheets of mosaic [...]