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Dispute Over Winning Mega Millions Ticket

Most groups purchasing lottery tickets know that you must share and record all the numbers for a group purchase and store the ticket(s) in a mutually accepted place. But the $640 million Mega Millions drawing last weekend enticed a lot of new players to participate. And Mirlande Wilson of Baltimore, Maryland, has a fight on [...]

The World’s Greatest Infant Criminal

It’s pretty hard for a newborn baby to escape from the hospital, steal a car, and take a joyride that exceeds speeds of 566 miles per hour. But when one Australian driver received a ticket dated the day he was born, he discovered that must have been the case. His petition to the court reflects [...]

When Getting a Parking Ticket is Cool

…OK, maybe not cool, but this art project takes the sting away from seeing a telltale envelope stuck under your wiper blades. The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project (PTERP) writes a little note explaining the project on one side of a card that fits neatly into New York City parking ticket envelopes, then asks kids, [...]

Math vs. Speed Cameras

Will Foreman used the power of math to beat speeding tickets before three different judges. The tickets were automatically issued by traffic cameras. Foreman used the photographs themselves to raise a reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of the speed sensors. The camera company, Optotraffic, uses a sensor that detects any vehicle exceeding the speed limit [...]

Man Facing Foreclosure Wins Lotto

How do you save your house from foreclosure? Play the lotto of course. Well, at least that was the technique that worked for one South Carolina man. The winning ticket brought him a top prize of $400,000. Officials with the South Carolina Education Lottery say the man, who moved to South Carolina from New Jersey six [...]

How Random are Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets?

I’m not a lottery player — I don’t like throwing my money down a statistical hole in the ground — but I’ll admit that on occasion I have been the recipient of a scratch-off lottery ticket, and I have scratched it, and haven’t won anything. What a bummer. But I recall one occasion as a [...]

The Best Time to Buy Airplane Ticket: 3 P.M. Tuesday

If you’ve ever tried to buy a plane ticket online, then you’d know that prices can vary greatly from one day to the next. But is there a secret to finding the best fares online? According to Wall Street Journal travel editor Scott McCartney, who writes the weekly The Middle Seat column, the answer depends on [...]

Star Wars Subway Ticket

Don’t throw away that used subway ticket! You could be holding a potential starfighter in your hands. Artist Hubert de Lartigue was playing with his Paris Métro ticket between stops, folding it this way and that, wondering how he could give it a cool shape. He did this for six months, and discovered that with a [...]

Real-life Harry Potter Not Happy with Fame

Harry Potter of Portsmouth, England was born in 1989 and had eight years of peace before J.K. Rowling wrote the books that would make him miserable. He said: ‘No one ever believes that I’m telling the truth about my name. I had to show my girlfriend my passport, my bank card, and my driving licence to [...]