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Phantom Hand is More than Original Hand

A strange case of a woman with a hand amputation lends credence to the idea that our brains know what our bodies should be like, even if our bodies vary from the norm. The woman, referred to as RN, was born with a deformed right hand that had only three fingers. That’s all she ever [...]

From Text Neck to Hogwarts Headache: 6 Injuries for the Modern Era

Our shiny new gadgets (and one teen wizard) are proving once again that human beings are really easily breakable. 1. Text Neck Texting image via Shutterstock Do you have shooting pains down your neck and arm, as well as numbness or tingling in your fingers and hand? If you’re over forty, you might want to call an ambulance [...]

Man has severed thumb replaced with toe

A man who lost his thumb in an accident has had his toe transplanted on to his hand in place of it. James Byrne had been sawing some wood when he acci…

Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena

Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena – $6.95 Are you looking to throw your own Pro Thumb Wrestling event? Give the sport the respect it deserves with the Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena from the NeatoShop. This fantastic arena comes with an unpadded thumb-slammin’ floor. New to the sport of thumb wrestling? Don’t worry! An official rule book is included. [...]

Golden Thumb

Forget wearing rings – that’s too normie. Hipsters nowadays wear … uh, golden thumb sock? Whatever you want to call it, Mahtab Hanna’s definitely has the Midas Touch. Via The Carrotbox and Super Punch