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What will space travel be like in 30 years ?

Richard Branson has weighed in on what he believes space travel will be like over the next three decades. The Virgin Galactic entrepreneur is no stran…

Voyager 1 reaches edge of solar system

After three decades Voyager 1 is still going strong at the very fringes of our solar system. Since its launch in 1977, Voyager 1 has travelled to a di…

How to Tie Your Shoes

When I learned how to tie my shoes as a kid, I was taught what I now know is a granny knot. The problem with this knot is that, at least for me, it came undone easily, causing me to have to re-tie it several times a day. Eventually I started double-tying my shoes, making [...]

Tiny, Functional Atari 810 Disk Drive

Blogger rossum recently played Zork for the first time in three decades, and it inspired him to make a tiny model of the Atari 810 drive. This one, however, reads SD cards. The picture above shows his drive sitting on top of an original 810. Link via Geekosystem

Man Builds a Time Warp to the 1800s in His Basement

The basement in most homes is crammed with mountains of dusty old toys, clothes, holiday decorations and all other types of broken, forgotten or useless clutter. John Scapes decided to go another way with his basement – transforming it into a living, breathing slice of Americana. Over the past three decades, the Chicago-area resident has been [...]

Russia plots return to Venus

It has been almost three decades since the Soviet Union last sent a probe to the planet Venus, now the Russian space agency is planning to underta…

Tron Light Cycles in LEGO

LEGO MOC by 2×4 [Flickr] | Tron Photoset Tron is one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi movies and it’s a pleasure to see that almost three decades later, it’s still inspiring its fans. Here’s a fantastic diorama of the Tron Light cycles scene by Flickr user 2×4 we first spotted over at The Brothers Brick [...]

The Queen Quiz

Three decades after I bought Queen albums, my children sing the same songs. You know the music, but how much do you know about the band Queen? Today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss will show you! I scored 73%, although I would have scored better during my deejay days. Link