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Bead It

They told him don’t you ever thread around here Don’t wanna see your cord, you better disappear The fire’s in their strings and their wires are really clear [...]

Annular Eclipse Photographs

This image of the annular solar eclipse was taken last night by redditor Titibu. It is from a reddit thread of eclipse photos taken in Japan, where you’ll find many other great shots of the “ring of fire.” Link This picture is from redditor FANGO. It’s from another thread of eclipse photographs, where you’ll find links [...]

Thread and Nail Portraits by Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer

Ooh, I love this stuff! Chris Jobson’s Collosal blog has a neat feature of the artwork of Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer of L-able. The duo creates marvelous portraits using colored thread and nails. Check [...]

Sarah Knouse’s Flamingos

Just look at this lovely sculpture of flamingos by artist Sarah Knouse! She has other mixed media sculptures made with thread and liquid plastic at her site. Link -Thanks, Ethan!

What a Glorious Space to Dwell

Here’s a catchy, simple song to brighten your Tuesday morning. Songwriter Jonathan Mann has ben doing a song-a-day project called Songatron for quite a while now; song #659 is called “What A Glorious Space To Dwell (Fun Facts Song).” He explains it like so: I stumbled on to a really wonderful thread on about the [...]

Glottal Opera

(YouTube link) Thread tiny cameras through the singers’ noses and focus on the larynx. Then have them sing sweetly and see what it looks like deep inside. The singers are Juleiaah Boehm, Emma Deans, Alexi Kaye, and Sally Stevens. -via b3ta