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Wub Wub Violin

Dubstep violin. How has this not been a thing until now? I mean I do love classical music (not kidding in the least) and I like dubstep- so why wouldn’t they go well together? Like bacon and peanut butter or salt and chocolate milk, just a winning combination. The artist is Lindsey Stirling and you can [...]

Farmer "Hand-Farts" a Song and Stares Intensely at the Camera

Let this be the weirdest thing you see all weekend (please). This Universal Newsreel from 1933 introduces farmer Cecil H. Dill, whose Stupid Human Trick is Letterman-worthy stupid: he performs Yankee Doodle by squeaking his hands together. Even weirder than hand farts, if you can believe it, is the way Dill looks as he tells his [...]

I Now Pronounce You Plumber & Wife

The great thing about this Mario wedding cake is that it has so many details from so many of the different games. I love that even Rainbow Road has a place here. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

The New Tablet

The great thing about new gadgets and their popularity is that it makes replacement components for my dinosaur desktop all that much cheaper. Comic from The Doghouse Diaries. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

The Nicholas Cage Couch

No matter where you go he’ll always have his eyes on you. I don’t care how much you like Nicholas Cage, it would still be horrendously creepy to sit on this thing. Link

The Missing Links: Growing Soccer Balls in a Lab

Tom Hanks Clearly Loved Michael Clarke Duncan And this story he told at Duncan’s memorial makes them both even more likable. * Mad Science: They’re Growing Soccer Balls From Pig Bladders I don’t even… * Reason #3,564,587 Not to Become a Counterfeiter They all boil down pretty much to this: It’s really difficult. And it keeps getting harder. That’s [...]

Apparently Some Big Cats Enjoy Marmite

(Video Link) Mice are one thing, but I still thought that big cats had better taste than this -evidently some of them even enjoy Marmite. Blech! Via I Can Has Cheezburger

His Parents Suck At Petting

(Video Link) But who said sucking is always a bad thing? I guess it’s really not all that bad when it helps your shedding and scares away the fleas. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

That Is One Happy Little Goose

(Video Link) That’s the same thing I do when I get a tiny bite of my favorite food. Everybody do the happy dance!!! Via Cute Overload

Air Guitar World Championships

Now that we’re done with the Olympic Games, we can finally focus on the important thing: the 2012 Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland. American (USA! USA!) Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard won gold, [...]