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Theft Leads to Potato Spill

A thief hijacked a truck carrying 13 tons of potatoes at a farm in Essleben, Germany. However, he neglected to make sure the back door was closed securely before he took off. “He was pretty easy to follow because he left this huge trail of potatoes behind him,” explained one farm hand. The hapless crook eventually fled [...]

The Thief Who Stole A Dali Then Sent It Back

A brazen art thief recently stole Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio by Salvador Dali, valued at over $150k, from the Venus Over Manhattan Gallery in New York by distracting the guard and walking out with the piece in broad daylight. Then he sent it back. The gallery put the word out about the thief, but didn’t [...]

Insurance Scam Caught on a Dashboard Camera

(Video Link) Remember the scammers who reversed their car into another? A similar thief is at work here. He walks into a stopped car, then acts like the car hit him. Watch until the end, when you see him nurse a leg, feigning injury — and it’s the wrong leg! -via reddit

Visit the Wonderful Holds of Skyrim

Solitude, Windhelm or Whiterun, which of the fine holds will you visit during your next fantastic Skyrim vacation? Personally, I’m quite fond of Riften, but I guess I’m just a thief at heart. Link Via Kotaku

Victim Concerned About Thief’s Fitness

Peter Stevens of Cambridge, England, was in his car Friday when a thief opened up the back door and grabbed his laptop. The 34-year-old runner and IT expert chased him and was surprised when he caught up with the thief after just 225 metres. Realising the game was up, the puffed-out criminal dropped the laptop, allowing Mr [...]

Contortionist Thief Hid in a Suitcase

Their plan was certainly creative. The thief, a skilled contortionist, would hide inside a suitcase. An accomplice would arrange for that suitcase to be placed inside the baggage compartment of a bus traveling from Girona to Barcelona, Spain. During the hour and a half-long ride, the thief would emerge from the suitcase and rifle through [...]

Thnx For Ur Money: Thief Sent Victim Flowers Using Her Own Credit Card

Talk about adding insult to injury: after a thief stole $2,500 from a victim, he or she sent flowers to her home! Oh, how brazen! NBC News has the video clip: Link (self-playing video clip)

Thief Steals Researcher’s Laptop But Returns Data

A thief stole a laptop computer belonging to a professor at Umeå University in Sweden. The computer contained 10 years of research which he had not bothered to back up. A few days later, he received a USB flash drive in an envelope containing his data: About a week after the theft, the professor returned home [...]

Thief Identified Through His Turd

This has got to be one of the strangest police investigations ever. Detectives in Valencia County, New Mexico, identified a possible suspect by extracting DNA from a very unusual piece of evidence left by the thief: his own turd! “He ate their food and drank the drinks they had,” said Valencia County Sheriff Rene Rivera. The thief [...]