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The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 51

It’s Thursday, it’s late and it’s time once again for the game that’s sweeping the nation: GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments. NOTE: It has nothing to do with when they were released. Barenaked Ladies – It’s All Been Done blink-182 – [...]

John Hodgman: The Deranged Millionaire

I’ve been working my way through John Hodgman’s final book of complete world knowledge, That Is All, for a few weeks now. It comes out November 1 (11/1/11), and I’ll have a complete review then. But I’m here to tell you today: this is the best final book of complete world knowledge [...]

The Late Movies: Guess the Theme Thursday!

It’s late on Thursday, but not too late for everyone’s* favorite game: Guess the Theme! All the music clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments! * ‘Everyone’ may be limited to my mother. They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes Save Ferris – Come On Eileen Veruca [...]

The Best Pop Culture Songs about Science

(Video Link) Gaia Vince of New Scientist compiled a huge list — with video links — of popular songs about science. My favorite wasn’t mentioned. It’s “Put It to the Test” by They Might Be Giants. This song introduces the scientific method. What’s your favorite song about science? Link via Marginal Revolution