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From Math Theorems to New Species: 5 Things You Can Name After Someone

Are you looking for a gift for the person who has everything (or who never seems to want anything)? Have you considered a new math theorem? 1. A New Math Theorem Know any mathematicians, scientists or geeks who already own everything in the ThinkGeek catalog? Well, perhaps it’s time you invest in a new theorem. Unlike many [...]

Name A Mathematical Theorem After Your Loved One

Looking for a unique and memorable gift for the geeks in your life? Consider having a mathematical theorem named after them. How? By visiting the TheoryMine website and ordering a personalized theorem for your friends and family members, of course. For only 15 GBP (approximately $24), the company will name one of their newly discovered theorems [...]

The Less You Know, The More Money You’ll Make

The Salary Theorem proves mathematically that those who know more make less money. Therefore, if you know nothing, you should be fabulously wealthy! Link -via Digg

The Mathematics of Sharing Pizza

When several hungry but cash-challenged college students chip in for a pizza, cutting it into equal and fair slices become very important. So important that mathematicians Rick Mabry and Paul Deiermann looked into the problem that emerges when the pizza cutter does not slice exactly through the center of the pie. This is known as [...]