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Link Latte 189

#189 – Week of October 3, 2012 Farthest-Ever View of the Universe (pic) – [wow space] Mind-Boggling Microscopic Photos – [wow photography] What would really happen if the lights went out. – [scary scenario] Theo Jansen, again… a must-see – [wow video] Epic Stalin-Era Russian-American, Love Story (photo) – [biography, transl.] Really Extreme Wood Sculptures – [art, scroll down] The Hall of [...]

The Future Forms Of Life

(vimeo link) This short film by David Lance is based on Theo Jansen’s awesome kinetic sculptures. It’s a little thin on plot, but beautifully animated. -via the Presurfer

Lego Rhinoceros Strandbeest

Remember the kinetic sculpture Rhinoceros by Theo Jansen we featured on Neatorama a while ago? Dutch industrial designer kvanb has created a LEGO version – a working LEGO version. [...]

Kanagawa Kinetic Coffee Table

(YouTube link) When is a table not a table? When it’s a Strandbeest-inspired kinetic sculpture, of course. This table designed by William “Alex” Mecker is part clean-line modern and part Theo Jansen contraption. I like it. The table is constructed of 298 pieces of laser cut Baltic Birch plywood, oak dowels, rubber “o” rings, and conduit that [...]

PVC Beasts That Walk on Their Own

Theo Jansen is an artist (technically, a sculptor) who creates strandbeests — PVC sculptures that operate like simple robots. The strandbeests can walk using wind power, some can dig themselves into the ground when the wind gets too strong, and some can even detect when they touch obstacles or water. Jansen builds them and sets [...]

Hamster-Powered Walker

(Video Link) Blogger Crabfu really likes Theo Jansen’s enormous kinetic sculptures and toyed around with small models of it powered by different energy sources. It occurred to him that with the right gearing, a hamster exercise sphere could provide locomotion for it. And he was right! Princess is a tiny little thing, much smaller than what I [...]