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Barbecue Chip Bandits

(YouTube link) A theft of potato chips in Saanich, British Columbia, got a press conference and some serious TV news coverage. However, Police Sergeant Jantzen understandably had a hard time keeping a straight face. -via The Daily What

Trail of Pine Needles Led to Christmas Tree Thieves

Three men were arrested for theft from the Notcutt Garden Centre in Pembury, Kent, England. They broke two CCTV cameras, but did not see others that caught their movements. In a scene straight out of the Special Branch files, police cars cut off all exits around the site after security staff reported the incident. Officers then moved [...]

For Those Who Travel With a Zippered Suitcase

YouTube link. Theft from such suitcases is astonishingly easy; the locks on the zippers are irrelevant. And, as the audio commentary indicates, sometimes the problem is not theft of items from your suitcase, but material placed surreptitiously inside in order to have you inadvertently serve as the “mule” at the border. Via Metafilter.

The Fate of Paris Hilton’s Birthday Cake

Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday with a party last week. Los Angeles musician Paz crashed the party and made off with one of the cakes that wasn’t eaten. Many doubted his account, but the baker later confirmed the theft. Hilton never mentioned the theft, but the bakery wanted to know what Paz thought of [...]

Bank Has God as Guardian, Doesn’t Lock Its Doors at Night

When you’ve got a deity as powerful as the Lord Shani, who needs locks? (I mean, according to Wikipedia, when Shani opened his eyes as a baby for the very first time, the sun went into an eclipse.) That’s what the management of the United Commercial Bank in Shani Shinganapur, Maharashtra, India, thought when they opened [...]

Motorhome Thief Suspect Spotted on Google Street View

A motorhome was stolen from its owner in Linton, UK. But a Google Street View picture may reveal the man responsible for the theft: The owner, who has not been named, believes the Google image may have been taken shortly before the theft. The 4 x 4 was backed into the private drive and is parked [...]

Pot Theft Reported to Police

(YouTube link) James Gordon Watson was upset that someone had stolen one of his marijuana plants, so he called the RCMP to report the theft. The police responded by confiscating his other four plants. There is no word on any investigation into the theft. -via Arbroath

The Quick 10: Billionaires Behaving Badly

One of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson fortune was arrested this week. Not for a DUI or drug charges, as the arrests of other heiresses might cause you to suspect, but for theft. Shocking, but she’s not the only person about to come into millions (or billions) that has behaved badly. Here are [...]