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Ringing in 1950

(YouTube link) This New Year greeting was shown in theaters among the pre-feature shorts in December of 1949. (via Nag on the Lake)

Seven PsychoCats

(YouTube link) The movie Seven Psychopaths with be in theaters October 12th. If the real film starred these cats, I’d go see it! You can see the trailer with the actual actors here, but the only purpose in doing so would be to see what actor is voicing which cat. -via Daily of the Day

Best Body Swap Movies

You may think that the “body swap” genre of comedy films is tired and done. You may think that it’s really terrible signs of how bad Hollywood can be that there is a “genre” of body swap movies. And you would be right in all of these things. Yet this past weekend “The Change-up” hit [...]

Internet Wars: The Ongoing Battle Over How the Web is Run

The people who are making decisions about the internet are, fundamentally, deciding the access of all future generations to come. Forget Afghanistan and Iraq; these are the theaters of war where democracy will live or die. SherWeb has an overview of the most contentious battles over who controls the web. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by [...]