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Schlock Jocks: TV’s Coolest Horror Hosts

In 1957, Universal Pictures leased a package of classic horror films and forgotten B-movies to television stations across the country. To promote the package, stations hired actors (and sometimes newscasters and weathermen) to play emcees in the guise of mad scientists, vampires and ghouls. By the mid-1960s, almost every major American city had their own [...]

From the Dictionary to a Book Called “Horse”: The Surprising Complaints Against 6 Books

This week (September 24 through October 1, 2011) is the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week, an “annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment.” We’ve all heard about books like Lolita and The Awakening being banned, especially from schools, for overly sexual content; other books are banned—or at [...]

FCC Complaints: Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart

How well do you keep up with political television? Anna Merlan of mental_floss looked through the public records of FCC complaints and found plenty that concerned Glenn Beck and The Daily Show. In today’s Lunchtime Quiz, you are challenged to figure out which TV show each of ten complaints is about. I got 70% right, [...]

Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart: The FCC Complaint Quiz

Every year, the Federal Communications Commission receives hundreds of thousands of complaints about alleged violations of their rules against “obscene, indecent, or profane programming.” Through the Freedom of Information Act, it’s possible to get copies of these complaints, with the names and address of the complainants redacted. We’ve put together a few complaints the FCC has [...]

Burger King unveils 1160-calorie burger

Burger King have launched a massive new gut-wrenching burger called the ‘Meat Monster’ in Japan. Each burger consists of two hamburgers, bacon and a …

Done in 60 Seconds Films

I feel like I got the stink of the self-congratulatory award season washed off me, so I’m in no rush to start lauding Hollywood-types with more shiny hardware. The Done in 60 Seconds awards, on the other hand, I am all for. The idea behind the concert is to recreate an entire film in a single [...]

Things Could Always Be Worse

People today are always complaining about how bad they have it even though they don’t know how good they do. They say things like “I’m out of work, I lost my house, my wife left me to become a man.” That’s why we’ve compiled a list of real things that happened to other unfortunate souls [...]

‘Missing link’ of the universe found

Astronomers shed light on the ‘dark ages’ of space following the Big Bang. Cambridge University researchers have been able to look into the “Dark Ages…

Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids!

“QUANTUM SHOT” #657Link – by Avi Abrams We have not had a funny pictures round-up for a few months, and this one is dedicated to parents… again. Why you ask, are we so impressed by the extreme efforts and solutions of some parents? Because some children are different and require parenting that is in the same [...]

The Florida muck monster

A mysterious ripple in the waters near West Palm Beach has created quite a stir under the name of the ‘Muck Monster’, however to date aside from t…