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The Nutmeg Wars

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader. In the 17th century, all Europe was mad to have the little brown nut from Indonesia- nutmeg. Especially the Dutch, who monopolized its cultivation and, in doing so, built their tiny nation into one of the wealthiest trading powers on the planet. BACKGROUND Spices have [...]

How One Girl and Her Teddy Bear Saved a Baby Sloth

When baby sloths eat, they cling tightly to their mothers. The instinct is so strong that the youngsters won’t eat if they aren’t cuddling. Unfortunately that also means that when a mother sloth at a zoo can’t produce enough milk to feed her baby, handlers have to come up with a creative solution to ensure [...]

Shooting Gallery, 1936-2009

When she was 16 years old, Ria van Dijk of Tillburg, the Netherlands, visited a shooting gallery at a fair in which she won a pictures of herself by  hitting the target, which tripped the camera. That was in 1936. Van Dijk returned year after year, and you can see that long series of photos [...]

The Teddy Bear That Saved a Sloth

A tiny sloth named Sjakie was born at the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. It became apparent that the mother sloth was not producing adequate milk, so Sjakie would have to be fed supplementally from a bottle. The only problem is that baby sloths cling to their mother’s fur while feeding, so they needed a [...]

Awesome 3D Pac-Man Street Art

This mind blowing work of 3d street art makes me want to walka-walka-walka on the other side of the street so I don’t get lost in the maze! Painted, and subsequently, photographed by Leon Keer in Venlo, the Netherlands, this cute and colorful work illustrates the world’s undying love of video games. Link  –via Obvious Winner

11 Wars That Lasted Way Longer Than They Should Have

Thanks to lost paperwork, diplomatic technicalities, or just plain forgetting they had declared war in the first place, many countries remained in a state of war long after the actual fighting had stopped. 1. Roman Republic vs. Carthaginian Republic – 2,134 years Cato the Elder before the Roman Senate. © Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis After two Punic wars Rome decided [...]

Chips, Crisps, Croustilles: A Global Tour of Unusual Potato Chip Flavors

There’s a whole world of chip flavors out there that most of us have never even imagined. Here are some of the most interesting. Australia: Some of the most popular flavors of late sound quite tasty, or at least intriguing, including lime and pepper, sweet chili sauce & sour cream, honey soy chicken, kangaroo, emu and Caesar [...]

Slauerhoffbrug: The Bridge That Looks Like It’s Flipping Pancakes

Betcha never seen a bridge like this one: the Slauerhoffbrug (Slauerhoff Bridge) in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, uses two arms to swing a section of the road in and out of place to let ships [...]

11 Countries Where Same-Sex Marriage is Legal

© Kimberly White/Corbis On Tuesday, North Carolina voted to amend their constitution making gay marriage illegal. In response, on Wednesday President Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage. It will probably be a long time before anything is decided here. But eleven other countries have already legalized gay marriage. Here are their stories. 1. The Netherlands In [...]

A Dutch Prince Tossing a Toilet in a Toilet Tossing Contest

Today is the official birthday of Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands. The Dutch celebrated in variety of ways, including the traditional toilet bowl throwing contest. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander joined in the fun, heaving an orange toilet with all his strength: Members of the royal family traveled to the town of Rhenen to join in the fun, [...]