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Bad Movies for Thanksgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving films, you think of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Alice’s Restaurant, and to some degree, Miracle on 34th Street, and …what else? There are not very many classic movies centered around Thanksgiving, but if you dig a little, you’ll find a few films that aren’t exactly fit for prime time [...]

Gourd Votive Candleholders

Here’s a clever and simple Thanksgiving craft. Megan Finley hollowed out decorative gourds and miniature pumpkins and placed votive candles inside. That’s it! It’s so simple that even I could do it. Link

Canadian Thanksgiving Cakes

To mark the occasion of Thanksgiving, as it is celebrated in Canada today, Cake Wrecks takes a critical look at the difference between Canadian turkeys and U.S. turkeys. Of course, the comparison is done with cakes. First and foremost, Canadian turkeys carry all their tail feathers on their heads. With plenty of photographic evidence. Link

Tortoises Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

They might not be big fans of turkey, but tortoises love pumpkins, which is a great way for them to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, they are super cute while munching down on the holiday treats. Link Via BuzzFeed

A Happy Hamster Thanksgiving

Sure Thanksgiving is over, but while watching your family members stuff their faces might not be all that entertaining, seeing a hamster munch down a pint-sized dinner is certainly enjoyable. Link

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 30

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving! As always, tonight for the Late Movies, we’re playing GUESS THE THEME. All the songs below have something in common…leave your best guesses in the comments (be specific tonight!). Booker T & The MGs – Green Onions Bread – Everything I Own Salt-N-Pepa – Push It Neutral Milk Hotel – The King of [...]

Why Do the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys Always Play on Thanksgiving?

Every year, the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys host games on Thanksgiving, and every year, we run this story explaining why that is. Only this time around, we’ve had to cut out all the Lions jokes. © Icon SMI/Corbis Every year since 1934, the Detroit Lions have taken the field for a Thanksgiving game, no matter how [...]

Is This Really the Busiest Travel Day?

So far, it seems that airport delays and other inconveniences have been minimal today, a good sign for millions of Thanksgiving travelers. That especially bodes well after the traditional hand-wringing about the busiest travel day of the year. But is today actually the busiest travel day of the year? That depends how you’re going, but [...]

The Late Movies: Dogs and Turkeys

Our Thanksgiving gift to you: Six videos of dogs and turkeys. You’re welcome. Scaredy … dog? This turkey-stealing gives new meaning to the phrase “free range.” Dexter loves his frozen turkey so much that he wants to sleep with it. Literally. Margaret the Bulldog had a bad Thanksgiving—no turkey and she was in heat! This Chihuahua loves turkey so much, [...]

Promised Land

The illustration on the cover of the Thanksgiving issue of The New Yorker magazine shows the Pilgrims immigrating to their new homeland. It’s called “Promised Land” by Christoph Niemann. Link