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The Traditional Thanksgiving Eel

Turkey? No, thanks. I want a traditional Thanksgiving–the way the Pilgrims did theirs. Two years ago, James Prosek wrote in The New York Times that the original Thanksgiving feast may have been upon freshwater eels: Indeed, eel was the dinner that Pilgrims were given on the very day after they made peace with Massasoit, the sachem, [...]

Great Food Ideas For A Fantasy and Sci-Fi Themed Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is great, but let’s face it –sometimes it’s just not relatable enough for those of us obsessed with fantasy and sci-fi tales. If pilgrims and natives aren’t your thing, then turkey, cranberry and pumpkin might not cut it either. For those of you who are thankful for good contributions to geek culture, here are [...]

Angry Birds Fan Art

Yummy, it’s like a Thanksgiving feast for your favorite angry avains. If you love those oh-so-angry birds, then check out the fan art dedicated to the game over at BuzzFeed. Link

Veggie Anatomical Model

Ever think about which veggies look like our insides? This clever ad can help…not that you need to think about food anymore after your Thanksgiving feast. Link Via Craftzine Image Via International Vegetarian Union

Camels for Digestion’s Sake

This 1936 ad for Camel cigarettes encourages you to stop and smoke between each course of your Thanksgiving feast. Link to Flickr page (full size). -via Metafilter