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Cook a Burger with Your Car’s Tail Pipe

This seems like a bad idea. Thankfully, right now it’s just concept by seven Iranian designers submitted to Design Boom’s Dining in 2015 contest. Let’s just say that it needs some work. Link -via Foodiggity

Giant Spiders on the Roof

We’re going to need a bigger shoe. Thankfully, this is just an illusion. Marlin Peterson painted Daddy longlegs on the roof of the Seattle Center Armory. When viewed from the right perspective, they look like real life spiders. Artist’s Website -via Colossal

Vestige: a Predator-Like Art Installation by Rob Mulholland

Thankfully, those aren’t creepy invisible Predators coming to get you. Rather, it’s an art installation called "Vestige" by contemporary artist Rob Mulholland, who designed and placed a series of six mirrored figures in the [...]

5 Questions: Shop ’til You Drop

Thankfully, today’s 5 Questions quiz won’t max out your credit card: Shop ’til You Drop

Stitched Head Necklace

You’d lose your head if it wasn’t stitched on. Thankfully, Kerri McAlprin has solved that problem with this clever necklace. Link -via The Mary Sue