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Christmas Superfans And Their Amazing Homes

Most people are content with putting up some lights and maybe a decoration or two in honor of Christmas, but not the superfans in this gallery of photos by Jesse Rieser entitled Christmas In America: Happy Birthday Jesus. They feel the need to go all out, using all available space to share their love of Christmas [...]

Cool Creations From Tokyo Design Week 2011

Here’s a nifty little gallery of items from Tokyo Design Week 2011, including the glasses shown above, which were made out of sugar crystals which were formed naturally then reproduced in plastic via 3d printer. Art and innovation collide in these interesting items, and some may even make their way into a store near you. Others, [...]

Simplistic Stylish And Strange Animated Short-"The Employment"

(YouTube Link) If you think your life is strange, watch this animated short and thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to deal with the strangeness this guy deals with every day. Made by Santiago Grasso, this short yet insightful cartoon has lots to say and plenty of style to keep your eyes satisfied. This [...]