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The Weird Nicknames of 8 Spy Agency Headquarters

Because being a secret agent isn’t cool enough, spymasters tend to build elaborate headquarters buildings with really great nicknames. Here are a few headquarters known for their vodka martinis, Aston Martins, and Walther pistols. 1. Legoland The British Secret Intelligence Service (also called MI6, but more famously known as James Bond’s employer) was only officially acknowledged as [...]

Rowing Your Own Palm Island

Sure we all want our own private island, but Neatorama’s favorite performance artist Antti Laitinen actually did something about it: back in 2008, he built himself a floating palm island that he rowed on [...]

The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

Postman’s Park in London, England, has a small memorial garden featuring 54 plaques that honor common men and women who were never famous, but died during a heroic act of saving someone else. The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice was the brainchild of George Frederic Watts, a painter who, while eminent in the Victorian age, harbored a [...]

Art Deco Skyscraper of the Week: Trinity Building, New York

“QUANTUM SHOT” #727Link – article by Avi Abrams Where is this stupendous architecture when you need it? Sorry folks, they do not build them like this any more. These imposing structures with all the look and atmosphere of a superhero’s (or a supervillain’s) headquarters now exist in a time warp, dwarfed by lifeless and faceless obelisks of [...]

Man walks across the Thames on foot

Illusionist Steve “Dynamo” Frayne’s rise to fame continues as he walks on water across the Thames. Crowds of onlookers watched as the 28-year-old casu…

The Late Movies: White People Rapping Poorly

The Tumblr White People Rapping Poorly is devoted to cataloging, you guessed it: bad raps by white people. It’s off the hook…um…y’all. Their mission statement: “Science has show that for every Eminem, there are approximately 598,467 white people that try to rap but can’t. This is devoted to bringing you the best of the worst.” Blazin [...]

The Singing Sewermen

(YouTube link) Workers from the Thames Water company in east London plead with customers not to pour grease down the drain, because it clogs the sewers. That message is sing the tune of “Good King Wenceslas”. From the YouTube link: Thames Water will donate 1p to WaterAid for every hit the film gets on YouTube (up to [...]

13 Essential Talking Points for the Earthquake Enthusiast

1. The first recorded earthquake was in China in 1177 B.C.E. 2. China is also the birthplace of the seismograph. Built in 132 C.E. by a man named Cheng Heng, it consisted of eight metal dragons holding eight carved balls over eight frog figurines. If an earthquake made the ground vibrate, the dragon facing the quake’s [...]

Giant man swimming in grass

A gigantic, life-like statue of a man swimming through the pavement on the bank of the River Thames was unveiled.The fixture, near Tower Bridge, was commissioned by The Discovery Channel to advertise its newest reality show, London Ink, and will be unveiled by the show’s star, Louis Molloy.Mr Molloy is best known for being David [...]

River Whale Garden

The ‘whale’ is actually a project from Vincent Callebaut Architects called Physalia Physalis or ‘Water Bubble’, and it has a very serious point. One billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. This vessel is designed to float up and down the rivers of Europe, purifying the water as it goes. It is of [...]