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Read This Shirt: Entire Books on T-Shirts by Litographs

Alice in Wonderland – Litographs Howdy Neatoramanauts! We just wanted to let you know that our pal Litographs, who make posters out of the text of classic books (for example, the image above of Alice [...]


Why talk when you can text? From the comic Underwhelmed by Sean McLean. Link

Kryptos: The CIA Cipher Hiding in Plain Sight

Kryptos photo via Wikimedia Commons Kryptos is an encrypted sculpture installed at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It’s a set of huge copper plates with enciphered text carved into them — for example, one segment reads TWTQSJQSSEKZZWATJKLUDIAWINFBNYP, though it looks a lot nicer in context. Although the sculpture was installed in 1990, it took until 1999 [...]

Sheep to send text messages about wolves

Sheep in Switzerland could soon be able to raise the alert via text message when attacked by wolves. The system works by placing a collar on the sheep…

New Maya ‘end date’ monument unearthed

The 1,300-year-old text has been found carved in to stone steps at La Corona in Guatemala. The text, the longest ever found in Guatemala, depicts 200 …

Descriptive Camera Turns Pictures Into Text

This camera doesn’t want to simply duplicate whatever you see through the viewfinder, it would rather describe the whole scene to you via text. Created by Matt Richardson to explore the possibility of adding metadata to digital photos, it requires a team to analyze each photo, who then sends the description back via text 3 to [...]

Texts From Dog

The author of the Tumblr blog Text From Dog posts screenshots of the conversations with his dog. There’s no need to explain to me that dogs can’t text. You can explain that to the guy at the blog. I’ll just enjoy them. Some NSFW text. Link -via reddit

Woman sends coherent texts while asleep

Paramedic Kandi Gay suffers from a sleeping disorder that causes her to send text messages while asleep. Despite being unconscious Kandi is able to se…

Texts From Cephalopods

To get into this story, you first have to understand that octopuses tend to text their cephalopod friends while drunk. In a series of messages and photos, we follow the adventures of an octopus that steals a diver’s camera (which you may recall actually happened) and then relates his activities to other octopuses, squids, and [...]

Hipster Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum, the placeholder text derived from Cicero’s text in Latin, is so unhip. So what’s a hipster to do? Well, here’s an artisanal filler text for your website, courtesy of Hipster Ipsum (available in “Hipster with a shot of Latin” or “Hipster, neat”) : Link – via kottke