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But They Can’t Actually Line Up Together

Yes these Tetris nails look awesome and are a great fashion statement for gamer gals, but these are destined to drive dedicated Tetris fans, like myself, crazy because you can’t actually make a Tetris! Link Via The Daily What

72 Scenes from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, 2012

On September 30, I spent a geektastic day at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. I arrived early and got a look at many booths before they opened (later, they would be swarmed by thousands of attendees). For much of the day I was one of several referees for the Classic Tetris World Championship. [...]

The Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy

How much do you know about the pallet, that “humble construction of wood joists and planks”? Unless you are a manufacturer, shipper, supplier, retailer, or logistics worker, you probably don’t know much about them. But as a consumer, you depend on pallets more than you know. As one German article, translated via Google, put it: “How [...]

These Pillows Are Sure to “Fit In” With Your Decor

If you’re a true Tetris master then you certainly love these pillows, but it also must drive you nuts to see that gap in the pillows next to the blue line pillow. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t just sit there without trying to arrange them straight…hopefully the pillows don’t disappear at [...]

10 Envy-inducing Video Game Bathrooms

The stereotype of the serious video gamer living in his parent’s basement, sitting in the dark covered in Cheeto dust only covers a small portion of gamers. Many have grown up with video games and eventually bought their own homes. Owning a home means you can surround yourself with decor that reminds you of your [...]

Ten Tetris Treats

Some people play with their food, while others make a game out of cooking -literally! Tetris is great for all kinds of food preparation because it’s simple, recognizable, colorful, popular, and fun. Some of these you can try out yourself! 1. Block Cookies A batch of colorful cookies were made from dough shaped into Tetris blocks before [...]

Tetris World Grand Master

To say that Kevin Birrell loves to play Tetris is an understatement. He has spent more than 1,000 hours playing what others tell him is "just a game." You can find dedication in all kinds [...]

Really Big Tetris

MIT’s 21-story Green Building was briefly transformed into a giant Tetris game on on September 12, 2011. That game was shut down due to glitches in gameplay. But last Friday, April 20, a fully functioning version of Tetris ran on the building, controlled by a console at ground level. That console was [...]

This Tetris Video Will Stress You Out

In this eight-minute video, Tetris master Matt Buco maxes out NES Tetris — achieving 999,999 points. According to Twin Galaxies, only three other players in the world have achieved this feat. If you ever played Tetris on the NES, this video may give you bad dreams. Buco starts on Level 18, as do many [...]

Comical and Informative Wedding Program

Ian and Karen had a fabulously geeky wedding featuring comic book invitations, d20 cupcake toppers, Tetris centerpieces, swords, armor and kilts. It was officiated by the couple’s Dungeon Master dressed as the priest from The Princess Bride. One of the most creative bits was a wedding program written like a deadpan informative pamphlet. Read the [...]