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Ball Cutter Fish

Men, want to go swimming in Papua New Guinea? Pray you don’t encounter this lil’ fella, lovingly named the "ball cutter" fish by the locals for the obvious reason: This is the ferocious ‘Ball Cutter’ [...]

Fish kills men by biting off their testicles

The Pacu fish is armed with powerful jaw muscles and big teeth – perfect for biting off men’s testicles. Angler Jeremy Wade spent weeks searching the …

Glo Balls

Hostess is teaming up with DC Comics to promote superhero-themed snack food, and Brenda of Geektress noticed something … well, wrong: “Glo Balls,” on the other hand, bring up images of irradiated testicles. Then I think of the Hulk… in a bad way. I realize I’m being childish and silly, but there you go. Link