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Psychics submit to blind reading test

Some of the UK’s top psychics were invited to take part in a test designed to prove their abilities. Several big names in the field such as Sally Morg…

2,053 Nuclear Explosions in One Video

Artist Isao Hashimoto created an animation showing every nuclear test between 1945 (the first Manhattan Project test, called Trinity) and 1998 (a test in Pakistan). The total number? 2,053, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Note that this number doesn’t include the rumored North Korean tests in 2006 and 2009. [...]

Drunk Driver Pees into Breathalyzer Equipment, Fails Sobriety Test

If you’re going to fail a sobriety test, you might as well do so with panache, as one man in Christchurch, New Zealand di: After Thompson recorded a breath-alcohol reading of 1137mcg/L at the police station, a police officer was completing paperwork when he heard the sound of running water, according to the summary of facts. He [...]

Robot Recognizes Self in the Mirror

Justin Hart and Brian Scassellati of Yale University have taught a humanoid robot named Nico to recognize its own reflection in the mirror: Nico is the centrepiece of a unique experiment to see whether a [...]

Jon Ronson’s “Psychopath Test”

In this decidedly spooky TED Talk, Jon Ronson explains his journey to understand mental illness, which brought him to a prison for the criminally insane to interview a very sanely-dressed possible psychopath, then brought him to “Chainsaw Al” Dunlap, whose house was “like Narnia.” The whole thing is engaging, challenging, and makes me really [...]

Unintentionally Artistic Space Suit Test Photos

It’s too bad NASA decided to fake the moon landing, because these space suit test photos would have come in mighty handy when preparing for such an epic excursion. I’m kidding, of course, they’re actually photos taken at NASA’s first acid test, where they donned the suits and let the vibes flow freely through them to [...]

Mechanical Matchmaking: The Science of Love in the 1920s

People have been looking for a formula for romantic love for a long time -whether it’s a fantasy love potion, or a scientific equation that will gauge the feasibility of a match between two people. In 1924, the magazine Science and Invention published a scientific test to determine the probability of marital happiness for couples. [...]

The Origin of the Wonderlic Test (and Which Manning Scored Higher)

© David Bergman/Corbis If book smarts translated to field sense, NFL coaches would be desperately recruiting mathletes. But a soaring SAT score is the last thing you need to excel on the gridiron. According to Jonah Lehrer, author of the 2009 bestseller How We Decide, “The velocity of the game makes thought impossible.” Instead of thinking, athletes [...]

The Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge

The Oxford Dictionaries offers a spelling test you can take online. Words are pronounced for you, so turn your speakers on. I aced the Tricky level. On both the Difficult and the Fiendish levels, I scored 14 of 15. I actually spell pretty well, thanks to years of writing under the supervision of spellcheck and [...]

Interacting with a Woman Can Leave a Man “Cognitively Impaired”

Guys, has a woman ever left you tongue-tied just by her mere presence? There may be a scientific reason. Researchers at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands performed the Stroop test — a classic test of cognitive performance — on men and women. The experimental groups were told that they were being observed by either [...]