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10 Crocheted Science Fiction Figures

You wouldn’t have known it before the age of the internet, but yarn crafts can be very geeky. Knitting and crocheting are examples of digital art, so to speak, as the patterns are strings of information rendered in bits. Some craftsters are science fiction fans as well, which gives us some great crochet projects to [...]

Discworld Amigurumi

June Gilbank made a crocheted presentation of Discworld in the amigurumi style. When Sir Terry Pratchett saw this work, he commented “Well, if you’re going to crochet Discworld then that’s the way to do it!” Link via Geek Crafts

Sir Terry Pratchett Made a Sword from Scratch out of a Meteorite

Discworld author Terry Pratchett was knighted by Queen Elizabeth two years ago. At the time, he lamented that the title didn’t come with a sword. So he decided to make his own, mining and smelting the ore himself, adding to it iron from meteorites. With professional guidance, Pratchett personally forged the sword: With help from his [...]