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Watch 120 Seconds Of Pure 80s Cheese

(YouTube Link) What’s better than watching a cheesy B movie made decades ago? Watching the whole thing in just over three minutes, which some of you might still find to be a bit too long. Thanks to the purveyors of fine retro cheese known as Everything Is Terrible you can get your fill of Can It Be [...]

The Late Movies: Nine Terrible Videos

I won’t make you guess the theme of tonight’s Late Movies — it’d be way too obvious. I searched YouTube for the most terrible videos I could find — most of which have the word “terrible” in the titles. The results are, well … interesting. TERRIBLE VIDEO GAME ENDINGS Ever play a game through to the end [...]

The Late Movies: Two Minute Movie Marathon!

The fine folks at Everything is Terrible have made the hilarious enshortening of crappy movies into an art form. There’s gold to be mined from obscure 80s action flicks, for instance, but who wants to waste hours sitting through dozens of just kind of terrible scenes to get to the really terrible ones? Now you [...]

The Origins of the Terrible Towel and the Lambeau Leap

Super Bowl XLV will take place on Sunday, February 6th. It would take far too long to detail the long, storied history of both teams. So, in the interest of brevity – and to avoid the Super Bowl overdose that is surely on the way – let’s just take a look at the origins of [...]

What To Do With Your Jerry Maguire VHS Tapes

Everything Is Terrible! specializes in videos from the wayback, where cats get massaged, and strange hippies teach kids yoga. EIT prides itself on putting out these rare finds, and they are never culled from other video sites, but many are submitted via snail mail from people that just happen to have them in their old [...]

The Late Movies: Ridiculous Instructional Videos

Our friends over at everythingisterrible have been busy combing through dusty piles of VHS tapes, looking for bizarre gems that time forgot. Many, many of them turn out to be from instructional how-to videos, which appear to be semi-homemade (or at least self-funded). Here are some of our favorites. (Note: everythingisterrible edits their videos to [...]