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Hobbit Terrarium

You know how when you were growing up, you were just waiting for the day when those McFly hoverboards were finally reality? Well, while you were doing that I was waiting for the ability to animate miniatures in real life – probably though holograms. Sort of like the movie The Indian in the Cupboard. Sadly, [...]

Star Wars Terrariums

Tony Larson’s tiny terrariums will give you enchanted glimpses of Dagobah, Tatooine and Endor. And if you care to depart the Star Wars universe, you can also visit the homelands of Bigfoot, the Wolfman and many dinosaurs. Link -via Technabob

Geometric Terrariums

Terrarium (or technically, vivarium) is a neat glass enclosure for plants but for some, they’re too … boxy. Well, never fear! Here are some geometric terrariums for the boxophobics: Link