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Meshworm: The Indestructible Worm Robot

[YouTube] It’s not enough that "Meshworm", a new robot developed at MIT, Harvard University and Seoul National University, looks like a crawling worm, it’s also nigh indestructible as it can survive being bludgeoned [...]

Kickstart This: Terminator the Second

Here’s an amazingly excellent idea for a mash-up: a theatrical production of Terminator 2 re-written in the language of Shakespeare. Nashville-based theater company Husky Jackal dreamed up the project, and before you ask the inevitable question — why T-2? — here’s their answer: First of all, it’s just an awesome movie. And you’d be amazed by [...]

Terminator 2 Using Only Lines from Shakespeare

Husky Jackal Theater of Nashville proposes to put on a stage production of Terminator 2, using a script composed entirely of lines borrowed from the collected works of William Shakespeare: We adhered to strict guidelines regarding the usage of Shakespeare’s works. Each line and phrase is taken directly from folios printed by or before 1685, and [...]

250 Movie Introductions of 185 People, Groups, and Things

Look, it’s Friday. You’ve got nine and a half minutes to kill. Why not watch a supercut of a bunch of 250 people (or cyborgs, or heroes, or villains) introducing 185 people, groups, and things from classic (and very not-classic) movies? It’s weirdly hypnotic. I also feel a little weird that I recognize virtually all [...]

Skynet Symphony

(YouTube link) Another musical remix by Nick Bertke, also known as Pogo, this time composed entirely of sounds found in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. -via Laughing Squid Previously at Neatorama: Expialidocious and Alice.